What my customers are saying

"I truly enjoyed having you around to help with this difficult and scary time. With the domestic violence issues and a newborn, it was very scary to turn my baby over to my ex-husband and a “stranger”. You helped us get the job done and I didn’t have many extra worries. I appreciated the updates and timeliness of your services and though I, fortunately, wasn’t on the paying end of the services, I believe it was worth each and every penny in order for my baby to be able to see her daddy safely and often which was everyone’s goal".

Marissa G.

  "I would like to thank Danny Lack Services for providing a professional and positive service during a difficult situation. Danny provides a service in a situation that no one wants to be in and is able to allow a setting to keep a more natural positive environment while visiting with your children. He creates an atmosphere where the children feel safe and comfortable with the parents allowing them to still bond and spend time with each other while spending time with each other at home or being able to do activities. The children were able to communicate with him and never felt uncomfortable. If you have to be in this situation I highly recommend Danny Lack services because it will allow you and your children to still bond and never feel uncomfortable."